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Best Shore Based Diving Experience

Most of the diving on the Gold Coast is Shore based.
Diving in Australia's premier inner city dive site!

The Gold Coast Seaway is a an experience

  • Seahorses
  • Giant Gropers
  • Sea Turtles

Turtle in Gold Coast SeawayThere are over 450 documented species of fish in the Seaway which being the entrance of the Nerang river and beautiful Broadwater which is a nursing ground for a diverse range of species.
No dive is ever the same - certain conditions can have breathtaking water clarity.

Scuba dive or even learn to snorkel with safety being the priority.
Depending on the tide your visit may include a dive and visit to a beautiful restaurant.

Recent Discovery at Seaway

At the Seaway looking north is Stradbroke Island which is barely inhabited and worth a visit in itself.

The Gold Coast Seaway is a location known for its bio-diversity.
Recently the discovery of a pipefish lured international experts.

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